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The Secret To Looking Amazing If You Absolutely Hate Traditional Exercise

Losing weight when you’re eating a plant-based diet isn’t exactly hard. As long as you’re expending more energy than you consume the weight should fall off.

This still might not give you the body you desperately want. It affects those of us who hate to exercise, at least in the traditional way. Sweaty gym sessions aren’t everyone’s idea of fun, but they’re kind of important if you want the ‘toned’ look we’ve all come to know and love.

If you don’t do anything to work your muscles you’ll end up on a one-way train to Skinny Fatville.

The Proof Is In The Vegan Pudding

Without going into too much detail you’ll likely already know, if you only use diet as a weight loss tool you’ll never look your best unless you’re gifted in the genetics department.

You only need to look at the skinny people you see walking past you on the street. Do they look healthy, or do they look like they’d break down at the first hint of physical exertion?

The ‘toned’ look is basically a mixture of slightly bigger or firmer muscles and a drop in body fat percentage.

We’re Actually Meant To Work Out

The human body was never designed to live a sedentary lifestyle. As strange as it might seem, we are built to move around.

I guess we have the industrial revolution to thank for setting the wheels in motion for where we are today, which is to spend most of our waking life sitting in a small cubicle.

It makes complete sense when you think about it. If you couldn’t gather food before the iPad allowed you to have it delivered to your door (probably with the help of a drone soon) you wouldn’t survive.

Those Who Hate to Work Out

So we’ve set the scene so far. Some people have tried to join a gym, but they end up regretting their decision within a few weeks. It’s not only because of weight loss myths giving you false information about how you’re supposed to lose weight.

You might just hate lifting weights or running on a treadmill.

You might have even reached the stage where you’ve tried other things like yoga and road cycling. You’re only dipping into a small pool of options.

The Secret To Losing Weight Properly

If you hate traditional exercise, spread your wings and try something completely new. I promise there is something out there for everyone. This is more about finding a passion you’ll fall in love with rather than feeling like you’re exercising.

Surfing, slacklining, paddle boarding, hiking, and snowboarding are a fraction of the options available to you.

Try lots of new hobbies out and see which one you fall in love with.

What Happens When You Fall In Love?

If you find an exercise-related hobby you love you’ll do it every single day, and not just because you need to.

Not only will you lose weight, but your overall body composition will be exactly what you were looking for. You’ll have the firmness to go along with the leanness. All it takes is looking outside the box if you think of traditional exercise as a chore.

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